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Click here to read how Oakthorpe carries out safeguarding checks on staff and workers.

Click here to read Oakthorpe’s Safeguarding Policy

Online Safety

Click here to read Oakthorpe’s Online Safety Policy

Child Protection

Click here to read Oakthorpe’s Child Protection Policy

Safer Recruitment

Click here to read Oakthorpe’s Safer Recruitment Policy


Click here to read Oakthorpe’s Whistleblowing Policy


The internet provides an amazing opportunity for learning, exploration, entertainment and communication but there are risks associated with it.

There are potential threats such as bullying or unwanted contact, many of which are regularly reported in the media and there are some things you would not like your child to see.

We would not want you to stop your child from using the Internet, but you need to understand the risks and how to minimise them.

We discuss a variety of issues related to staying safe online in school and the following websites provide a range of resources, along with helpful guidance and information.

Our E Safety Policy can be found here.

Other Resources