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P.E & Sport Premium Funding

Oakthorpe Primary School P.E Provision


P.E is not only an integral part of our school curriculum it is an essential element of our school ethos.

The status of P.E has been steadily on the rise over the past five years. We now have a highly-experienced and skilled P.E team which oversees all aspects of sport at Oakthorpe. We have enjoyed unprecedented participation in Inter-School competitive sports events and offer many opportunities for extra-curricular activities.


All children in KS1 and KS2 receive two hours of high quality P.E teaching each week. This can be broken down into 1 hour of games taught by our own sports coach and an hour of either gym, athletics or dance taught by their class teacher, or an hour of dance or gym delivered by a specialist teacher. In addition in Year 4 children receive weekly swimming lessons for half a year delivered by the expert staff at Arnos Grove Swimming Pool.

We follow the Enfield Scheme of Work for Games, Gymnastics, Dance and Athletics. Currently the teaching of games is a particular strength as we have a highly skilled sports coach who delivers the curriculum in every class. Dance is also currently taught by a qualified dance instructor who works with classes for a term each year. In Gymnastics the delivery of regular, high quality lessons is now possible due to our P.E leader working with every class for at least a term. This has considerably improved the quality and consistency of Gymnastics lessons. We have also included opportunities for class teachers to partake in team teaching with members of our own P.E team and outside professionals. This academic year we have again released our P.E leader so he can devote 50% of his teaching hours to delivering high quality gymnastics across the school. We anticipate that this will help further raise standards and curriculum coverage of gymnastics teaching and learning.


The quality of P.E teaching is monitored by both the P.E team and S.M.T in regular observations of sports coaches and class teachers. The high quality teaching was highlighted in a report by an external assessor during our supported self-review in February 2016. In the last school year all teachers observed were graded outstanding in formal observations.


Standards of attainment are high throughout the school with nearly all children reaching the expected level in all disciplines of P.E. In KS1 and KS2 nearly all children are working at the expected level for their age with vast numbers working above. Standards in Reception were slightly lower last year and we are making a concerted effort to improve on last year’s data. As a result part of this year’s funding is directed to achieving this goal.

Extra-Curricular Sport

We offer extensive opportunities for all children to get involved in competitive sport. The school has two football teams (for boys and girls), a netball team, a boys and girls cricket team, a mixed rounders team, a mixed cross country team (Year 3-6), an athletics squad, a futsal team, a basketball team, a Sportshall athletics team and a gymnastics team. These teams all train at lunchtimes and participate in competitive matches after school and at weekends. Last school year was hugely successful for all sports teams at Oakthorpe and we finished the year with the following achievements:

  • ESPSSA Boys football league winners
  • ESPSSA Girls football league winners
  • Girls Knockout Football
  • Cup runners up Netball league winners
  • Year 4/5 Girls Futsal champions (representing Enfield in the Middlesex Cup)
  • THFC 6-a-side football winners

The profile of competitive sport has never been higher at Oakthorpe since our involvement in The Premier League schools Tournament at White Hart Lane in May 2015. Our boys’ football team competed against the best 19 primary schools in the country all representing their local Premier League
team. The matches were screened on CBBC and played before a huge crowd at Tottenham Hotspur in May 2015. 500 members of that crowd were our own pupils, teachers and parents who walked the 2 miles to the stadium to support our boys. The impact this has had on all children cannot be underestimated.
Pupils at Oakthorpe aspire to represent the school and understand fully what an honour and privilege it is to do so.

In addition to formal sporting fixtures, many other children had the opportunity to compete in inter- school events run with the assistance of the Enfield P.E team. Opportunities for competitive sport within school include an annual swimming gala, sports day, gymnastics competition and a week dedicated to Health, Fun and Fitness every July. Huge numbers of children attend local sports clubs and teams and we work closely with many clubs in order to promote them and boost attendance.

We have had a surge in after school sports clubs that take place on site. Presently we offer clubs for tap, street dance, ballet, gymnastics, football, fencing, dodgeball and tennis. We are also regularly visited by members of the Bikeability team who coach children during lesson times. Playtimes and lunchtimes are very active at Oakthorpe. Children have ample space to play football, basketball, tennis and cricket and are encouraged to do so. A number of activities are now adult led including professional tennis coaches working with KS2. We have installed 3 outdoor table tennis tables which are proving very
popular with the children, as are the climbing walls we have erected in our adventure playground.

Sports Premium Funding 2015–16 Review

Since autumn 2013 all primary schools have received an annual Sports Premium from the Government intended to improve the standard of sport and PE in schools. Oakthorpe receives£8,000 plus £5 per pupil. Here is a review of the impact of that spending last year:

The funding has had a huge impact on sport at Oakthorpe. The bulk of this money was spent on delivering our school swimming programme to both year 4 and 5 last year. We believe that by starting swimming lessons earlier we will see a larger percentage of non-swimmers being able to swim at the end of their time at school. We found the year 4 non-swimmers were far more willing and receptive to the coaching they received. This year we will only be offering swimming lessons to year 4 pupils as we seek to use the funding elsewhere.

The profile of school sport has been raised, participation has increased significantly and standards of teaching and attainment have markedly risen. The release of our P.E specialist helped to improve class teachers’ subject knowledge and confidence. This had the effect of vastly improved
attainment in gymnastics in all year groups. Feedback from teachers was positive and many now feel confident in delivering gymnastic lessons themselves. In KS2, tennis coaches from the Mayfield Academy (£2,000) led sessions through the summer term from March to October and the uptake was huge. Almost all children were coached at some point and large numbers regularly played competitive matches. Our first annual tennis day was well received and resulted in many children continuing to play outside of school. Our inclusion in the Enfield P.E team Gold package (approx £2,500) of support gave our children the opportunity to compete in a wide-range of inter-school competitive sport. Our achievements listed above are testament to the impact this had on our school. Our hugely successful sports teams help to inspire younger children to take sport seriously and aspire to compete themselves. The staff training offered as part of the package also had a significant impact on teacher’s subject knowledge and ability to deliver high-quality gym and dance. A particular focus was in Reception where staff took part in a number of training courses designed to increase participation in sport among children. As a result there was a huge increase in the number of P.E lessons taught during the school year. EY data has however shown that the physical performance of
children in their end of year assessments still requires some improvement, therefore this year we have allocated a large portion of our Sports Premium Funding to help raise standards in EY P.E.

PE and Sports Premium Funding 2017-18

PE and Sports Premium Funding 2016-17

PE and Sports Premium Funding 2015-16