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We encourage children to take pride in their personal appearance and have regard for standards of personal hygiene.

• Full school uniform must be worn daily
• Black sensible shoes (NOT trainers, high heeled shoes, boots or sandals) should be worn to school
• Jewellery should not be worn. If absolutely necessary studs will be permitted
• Children’s hair should be neat and not restrict vision. Coloured hair bands and hijabs should be restricted to dark colours or school colours
• Nail varnish is not permitted

Please note: Reception can wear the Oakthorpe sweatshirt with school logo, yellow polo shirt and joggers.

Clothing for PE Lessons
All children are expected to change for PE for reasons of hygiene and safety and in view of this please provide:
• Black plimsolls
• House colour t-shirt and black shorts
• Tracksuits or a warm jumper are essential in the winter during a games lesson

Swimming Kit
Swimming Kit is required by all children in Year 4 – one-piece swimming costume for girls, trunks for boys – plus a large towel. Children (boys and girls) with long hair are required to wear a swimming cap. Goggles are only permitted after a note has been received from a parent outlining the reason for goggles to be worn.

Your child also needs:
• Strong sensible low-heeled shoes (black) for coming to and from school as well as for use during lesson time.
• A PE bag (not a supermarket carrier bag) in an appropriate house colour. These should be kept at school every day and be taken home in the holidays for washing.
• A book bag for carrying books and homework.
• Painting aprons or shirts should be provided for art lessons to protect clothes (an old shirt, worn back to front is ideal)
The following items are available from our school uniform shop: tie, jumper, PE kit, yellow polo shirt, woolly hat (for use during the winter), school cap (for use during the summer as it provides protection from the sun), fleece, PE bag and book bag. The shop is open on Wednesday mornings and on INSET days at the start of each term. Details can be found on the website.

Please help us to help you by clearly marking all clothing, bags and personal possessions with your child’s name.

It is our policy that children wear school uniform every day and having chosen to send your child to a uniform wearing school, we appreciate your cooperation in this. It is designed to be simple and practical and above all gives children a sense of belonging to the school. We also feel that wearing the school uniform encourages a pride in personal appearance.

Uniform List